Our Impact

Coffee Cart in the Specialized Classroom

Coffee Cart Kids in Room 16.  With the grant money we purchased K cups (coffees, teas, hot chocolate and ciders), cups, straws, creamers. Every Thursday we would get orders in from the staff - averaging 50 - 100 per week.  The kids would prep cups with k cups, creamer and sugars by following a checklist.  They sorted all the materials and took ownership of this business. On Friday mornings they would make and deliver coffees and hot beverages - they practiced eye contact, greetings and loved engaging with many staff members every Friday.   We even made it into the year book -as the first ever Coffee Cart Club at C.O. Harrison!  

Family Literacy Engagement.

The purpose of this activity is to discuss with parents of Kindergarten and 1st grade students: A. What skills constitute early literacy  B. At what reading level are the books that their children will be reading and in what progression are they used as the year goes on  C. Provide parents with concrete ideas and materials on how to engage in early literacy activities at home

Replacement of Loaned Books.

Due to the unfortunate way our school year ended last year, in our elementary schools, some Language Arts teachers loaned out several books out of their personal/home libraries to every one of their students. Most will return but some may not. Math teachers, not Language Arts teachers, asked for a grant to replenish books that may not be returned.