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Our Mission

The Book Bus is a mobile literacy outreach committed to developing the joy of reading, building home libraries in under-resourced neighborhoods, and educating parents in effective methods to help their children become proficient readers.

Four Programs

Our book bus offers four programs:

  1. Direct Instruction is provided during the school day to primary-age students needing additional support in reading.
  2. After-School Visits take place in communities so that any child, regardless of the school they attend, can visit the bus.
  3. Parent Education equips adults with tools that encourage reading at home and build communities of readers.
  4. Summer Programs will start in 2022. There will be STEM activities, art fun, math days, science exploration and more!

Leadership team:  Karen Haller, Kim Sims and Tim Taylor

Advisory board: 

  • Sandy Bauman
  • Barb Brown
  • Marcia Corbitt
  • Patty Falk
  • Debbie Haffey
  • Sandy Lingo
  • Mary Beth Murphy
  • Susan Sroczynski

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